Prenatal Education & Support

Our FAMILIES program offers prenatal classes and individual education for both men and women. This ‘Earn While You Learn’ program offers practical support by offering needed baby items through our Wee Care Shoppe.

All classes are taught by registered nurses or community professionals with expertise in the specific area in which they are teaching. Individual education, by comparison, is offered via a video series in which patients schedule an appointment, and go over the information they learned with a staff member.

If you are interested in attending one of our classes, please consult our schedule for dates.

All classes are held from 6:30 P.M. to 7:45 P.M.

Personal & Family Health Classes

August 7: Nutrition

August 14: Healthy Pregnancy Planning

August 21: Speech Development

August 28: CPR

September 4: Budgeting

September 11: What Your Momma Didn’t Tell You…

Childbirth Prep Classes

September 18: Preterm Labor

September 25: Labor & Delivery

October 2: Postpartum Care

October 9: Breastfeeding

October 16: Newborn Safety

October 23: Resource Opportunities & Baby Shower


Additional Classes & Education Information

  • Only one guest allowed per attendee (male or female).
  • Clients will receive their “Mommy/Daddy Bucks” for each class attended at the Baby Shower.
  • Clients will receive a bonus car seat or pack-n-play at the baby shower for attending all 5 Childbirth classes in addition to 2 other classes of their choice. (7 classes total)
  • Our child-care class provided at First Baptist Dallas across the street at 6:15pm. You must register before the class.