After an Abortion

After an Abortion

So, you had an abortion.

Perhaps more than one.

You probably feel very much alone with the memories of your experience.

Are you surprised by your feelings of regret, anxiety or heartache that you are experiencing? Even if your abortion was years ago, you may not be able to shake the feeling that you did the wrong thing. So you’ve taken all those complicated feelings surrounding the abortion decision and stuffed them down and tried not to think about them anymore.

Many women who have abortions are very uncertain about their decision. Simply put, most women who choose abortion are going against their own moral code, and this explains why they feel guilt later. And, the guilt is what stops them from talking about it or getting the emotional help they need and deserve. A number of counselors who have explored this condition have identified it as “post-abortion stress”.

PAS is an ongoing inability to:

  • Process the painful thoughts and emotions – particularly guilt, grief, and anger – which come from one or more unplanned pregnancies that resulted in abortion.
  • Identify or grieve the loss that has been experienced
  • Come to peace with herself, others involved or God regarding the abortion decision.
  • A lot of women feel hopeless about ever resolving the pain connected with their abortion experience. But healing is possible. Thousands of women and men will seek and receive help this year and you can be one of them.

Contact the DPC about confidential help and support. You do not have to walk down this painful path alone.

I did not understand the sadness and grief I was carrying around for so many years. If not for the DPC, I would not have found the help necessary to guide me through my feelings and questions regarding my abortion. I never could have imagined that healing and forgiveness was possible.
- Forgiven and Set Free Participant